Alex Orthopedic Cane Wrist Strap

  • Wrist strap attaches to all 1" canes
  • Ensures the cane will never be dropped or lost
  • Provides added security

The Cane Wrist Strap from Invacare attaches to the cane’s handle to provide users with a secure attachment to the cane. The snap off clip adds versatility to the wrist strap. It’s especially well-suited for people with limited hand dexterity and those who may have a difficult time picking up a fallen cane. Increase security and peace of mind with this simple accessory!
Manufacturer Alex Orthopedic
Manufacturer Item Code MNT04001
Cane Color Black
Rollator Color Black
Wheelchair Color Black
Return Restocking Fee 0
Return Restocking Fee 0

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