Adjustable Forearm Crutches, 1 Pair


The Details
  • Approximate user height: 5'-6'2"
  • Handle height adjustments: 21"-30"
  • Vinyl-coated, ergonomically-designed arm cuffs
  • Multiple adjustments for best fit
  • Weighs: 2.6 lbs per crutch
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Attribute Details
Manufacturer / Item Code Complete Medical / 1502 (Standard), 1504 (Tall)
Weight Capacity Range 201-300 lbs
Item Weight 0-10 lbs
Product Weight 2.6 lbs per crutch (5.2 lbs together)
Additional Info
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These Adult Adjustable Forearm Crutches are designed to accommodate adult users within the height range of 5’-6’2”. Made mainly of lightweight aluminum, these crutches feature vinyl-coated, ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability. Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for optimal sizing, allowing any user to find the best possible fit. The extra-large crutch tips provide added support.

Customer Reviews

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Ellen N.
Forearm crutches

These forearm crutches are just what the Dr ordered .They are working out great for my husband ,they were sold out when I ordered them and they were well worth the wait. Susan from customer service kept me informed as when they would be shipped.

Chuck P.
These forearm crutches do the job - in the summer

I am over 6 feet and darn near 300 lbs, so I was uncertain when I ordered the tall if they would be durable. Since I am so tall, these crutches work perfectly for me. The cuffs are snug - ie., I have to put my hand in through the cuff and not slide my forearm into the cuff from the front. This minor point means I can keep my crutch on my arm while I reach into upper cabinets. I ordered a bariatric pair from another company and the cuffs would have fit my calf! Every time I loosened my grip on the hand-piece, the crutch would just drop behind me and sometimes hit someone in the process. I have tried squeezing the super wide cuffs to a smaller size, but the steel has memory. In the winter I have to use the bigger cuff in order to get my coat into the crutch, so I do have one pair of bariatric crutches in the closet just for winter. But Spring, Summer, and Fall, these are the best!

Since my disability with a short leg & drop foot, I have to wear a brace and cannot function without crutches of some sort. These forearm crutches are great. I am obese so my forearm is pretty thick. These cuffs initially were tight, over one week they have loosened just a smidge so I can easily wear a light coat and use them. I read the review that discussed the 'offset' angle being inadequate. If the cuff is too tight, look to another brand or size - they are easy to swap out if you are good with wrenches.

I know, I have worn out a dozen pair of crutches now with the vinyl cuff coating flapping in the wind, the bolts all loose, and one pair even started adjusting in on its own....I just replace screws, save the cuffs and dip them in plast-dip tool handle coat. It comes in colors but I just use black. I wish these were lighter and more durable, I go through a pair in about 9 months. I just buy replacement tips, rework the cuffs, and move to a new pair (or the winter pair) when they finally can't take any more wear. They are well worth the price!

Barbara H.

That you love them just right size THANK you

I would not buy this product again

This product was very uncomfortable to use.
The cuffs were too tight and the angle of offset between the cuff and the main crutch was too shallow making it unable to grasp the handles.
after approx. three days use, the one crutch jumped adjustment, by 2 notches resulting in me falling to the floor, just missing hitting my head on a fireplace.
I have not used them since.

Would buy again!

This is a kinda goofy question, but assisting me to walk!