Drive Nimbo Rehab Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker


Castle Red
Knight Blue
Wizard Purple
Emperor Black
The Details
  • Height adjustable
  • 5" front and rear wheels
  • One-directional override bracket allows for forward and reverse mobility
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Adheres to any surface
  • Wheels can switch from swivel to non-swivel functions
  • Folds easily for transport
  • Item Weight Range: 9.5 lbs -14 lbs (depending on model)
  • Weight Capacity Range: 100 lbs - 200 lbs
  • Extra Large size available in Emperor Black only.

The Nimbo Posterior Walker provides users with needed support for better ambulation. The Nimbo is lightweight, height adjustable, and folds for transport. The 5″ front and rear wheels are soft rubber wheels that can grip any surface and will not slide backward. The rear wheels can be set to forward rolling only for those with limited ambulation ability. Smooth texture handgrip increases comfort while using the walker.

Attribute Details
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer / Item Code Drive Medical / KA 1200N, KA 2200N
Weight Capacity 75 lbs (Extra Small); 85 lbs (Small); 150 lbs (Medium); 190 lbs (Large); 250 lbs (X-Large)
Overall Width 24" - 26"
Wheel Size 5"
Product Weight 9 lbs (Extra Small); 10 lbs (Small); 11 lbs (Medium); 12 lbs (Large); 13 lbs (X-Large)
Wheels 4
UPC Code 822-383-164-502
Additional Info

The Drive Nimbo Rehab Posterior Posture Walker is a lightweight, foldable child’s walker ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Its sturdy aluminum frame is brightly colored and appealing. Each wheel can be independently adjusted. The Nimbo Walker comes with latex-free handgrips with flanged ends, and can be easily used in the anterior or posterior position.

All four wheels are skid resistant, non-marking wheels made from soft rubber which adheres to any surface. The front wheels can swivel for enhanced maneuverability and ease of turning, or be locked into a fixed position. The unidirectional rear wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism will not allow the walker to slide backwards accidentally, but this can be disengaged to allow for forward and reverse mobility.

Available in 5 different sizes (from smallest to largest):

  • Extra Small - Handle Height range of 15"-19.5"
  • Small - Handle Height range of 19"-25"
  • Medium - Handle Height range of 23" - 30.5"
  • Large - Handle Height range of 28"-36"
  • Extra Large - Emperor Black - Handle Height range of 36"-41"

Customer Reviews

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Jenny W.
Nice colorful

We love this walker! it's such a wonderful color! Great service

Great Walker!

We bought this walker for my 2 year old, who has Arthrogryposis and is contracted in her knees and wears AFOs after casting/ surgery on her feet. She started taking steps on her own right before her 2nd birthday, but has had a difficult time really taking off on her own. She also was walking with a wide, bent stance and relied on us to help her walk when she wanted to get somewhere. With her walker, she walks taller and straighter. She WANTS to use her walker all the time, and we are seeing a HUGE improvement in her confidence and strength. It makes me SO happy that she can now keep up with big sis and friends with the help of her walker.