Drive Deluxe 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator


Rollator Color
Red Flame
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The Details
  • Approximate user height: 5'4"-6'0"
  • Height adjustments: 31"-38"
  • Includes basket, tray, and pouch
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Large 8" wheels for indoor and outdoor use
  • Internal aluminum cast loop-lock brakes
  • Easy folding for transport and storage
  • Weighs: 11 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Attribute Details
Product Dimensions 25" (W) x 24" (L) x 31-38" (H)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer / Item Code Drive Medical / 10289RD, 10289BL
Weight Capacity Range 201-300 lbs
Item Weight 11-20 lbs
Height Max. 38"
Upholstery Color Black
Overall Width 25"
Width Between Arms/Handles 21"
Wheel Size 8"
Size Adult
Product Weight 11 lbs
Seat Dimensions No Seat
Braking Style Loop
Wheels 3
UPC Code 822383259345, 822383259338
Additional Info
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The Drive Deluxe 3 Wheel Rollator is an attractive, lightweight walking aid with fantastic storage capabilities. Its solid but lightweight aluminum frame features ergonomic loop-lock hand brakes and large 8” wheels for a smooth ride over any type of ground or terrain. The height-adjustable handles utilize a large mushroom-style knob, making it easy for even weak-fingered users to find the perfect height. This 3 wheel rollator features an easy, one-handed folding mechanism for transport and storage. The included basket, pouch, and tray make the Drive Deluxe a versatile mobility solution for all users.

Customer Reviews

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Drive Deluxe 3 Wheel Rollator doesn't live up to description

The Drive Deluxe 3 Wheel Rollator has such a great list of features, it is a crying shame it misses the target implementing a basic, sturdy basket. I'd love to see them fix that, so I'm taking the time to post a more detailed product critique. Please take the time to incorporate these suggestions into your next product release and I'm sure you will sell millions.
Approximate user height: 5'4"-6'0" - the product meets these specs but really needs to be 4 to 6 inches taller.

Height adjustments: 31"-38" - recommend these sockets adjust from 32" to 41" to better enable an operating height from 5'7" through 6'4".. Current height forces a large part of the public to lean over to reach the handles, thereby promoting poor posture.

Includes basket, tray, and pouch (THE BASKET IS POORLY ENGINEERED. It feels flimsy enough to disconnect and dump any cargo when you hit any type of sidewalk hazard. The stability of the tray is negatively impacted by the basket. Most trays would include at least one cup holder. Not this tray. However, the pouch works very well.

Lightweight aluminum frame - This is accurate and helps make it portable. Major advantage over other 3 and 4 wheel units.
Large 8" wheels for indoor and outdoor use. 10" wheels would be preferrable for
Internal aluminum cast loop-lock brakes - work as advertised.

Easy folding for transport and storage - because the basket design and instructions don't clarify how to fasten the basket securely. It will actually disconnect and dump anything that takes up more than 60% of the space. Once you get the basket off the rollator it can be folded, carried, and stored easily. Since it does so well on these features, it's a shame the basket is such a poor design.

Weighs: 11 lbs. - as advertised.

Weight capacity: 300 lbs. - unable to verify.

Charles G.
Basket is a joke.

tI like the walker except for the basket. Advertisement shows it level. No way. Attachment is a very poor design so that the basket hangs sloped down.

daniel d.

very difficult to open when i wanted to ship it back would ;cost 70 dollars plus restocking fee. will keep it and try to get rid of it don't recommend this co.

Mary D.
this rollator is just what I have been looking for.

thanks for making my walking a lot easier

Joann J.
A 1 star

Bought the rollator it keep jumping up in the front when my husband tried walking on it call a Ms Renee was no help i am sending this back it cost 40 to send back because you all dont provide a shipping label will not order anything else from you all