Comodita Tipo All Terrain


Modena Yellow
Metallic Champagne
Metallic Graphite
Modena Red
The Details
  • LARGE PNEUMATIC TIRES: 12" front aluminum wheels and 10” back wheels absorb impact while walking in rougher terrain. This allows for a smoother ride, less bumpy and shaky. The tires also have a thicker tread, which provides traction to drive over loose objects, wet and uneven surfaces.
  • DOUBLE FOLD ACTION: This rollator can be placed inside a travel bag to make it easy to carry on longer trips. Just lower the handles, remove the shopping bag, and place the walker inside its travel bag (comes with the rollator!).
  • SUPERIOR GRIP: Great braking system on smooth indoor surfaces like tile, wood, and carpet.
  • HEAVY DUTY: The unique features of the Comodita Tipo All Terrain make this walker a little heavier than a regular walker. Do not buy this model if you cannot handle a 21 lb. walker comfortably.
  • HEIGHT RANGE: Recommended user height is from 5’4” to 6’2”. Adjustable handle height is from 34"-39".
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Cup holder, cane holder, shopping bag and travel bag included. Ships in double wall boxes for extra protection.
Attribute Details
Product Dimensions 29.5" (L) x 25" (W) x 34"-39" (H)
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Item Weight 27 lbs
Height 34" - 39"
Size of Nylon Bag 17” (W) x 8” (D) x 10” (H)
Size of Transport Bag 37.5" (W) x 13" (D) x 16" (H)
Seat Height 17.5" W x 11" D x 22.5" H
Seat Dimensions 22.5" (H) x 11" (D) x 17.5" (W)
Wheel Size 12" Front / 10" Rear

Additional Info

The Comodita Tipo All Terrain is the perfect rollator for people who want to live a more active lifestyle. The 12” pneumatic front wheels and 10” rear wheels will help you overcome obstacles with ease, allowing you to use it inside the house as well as on boardwalks, trails, and other places that you want to explore, including your favorite hikes.

The Comodita All Terrain is offered in very bright colors that will make you more visible while walking through dense vegetation areas or in darker hours.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
John F.
Comodita All Terrain Rollator

When I received my rollator, it had a problem with continual air loss in one of the rear tires. I had to pump up the tire at least once a week. I contacted Walmart, the vendor for the rollator product and they agreed that this was a quality problem and replaced the tire free of charge. Since receiving the replacement tire it has performed as specified. It is a very study walker and has met my needs. I highly recommend the rollator to anyone who prefers to use a walker for all different surfaces of trails.

Gloria B.L.m.n.w.H.m.t.s.u.s.a.w.b.

Love my new walker! Helps me to stand up straighter and to walk better.


This walker is sturdy and rolls smoothly. I was able to walk around my yard. This walker takes up more space in my car than my previous walker and weighs a bit more but it also can handle bumpy terrain much better than my previous walker.

Amy C.
Love it!!

I had a foot surgery gone bad and this walker has now enabled me to walk down my gravel driveway. It has given me freedom that I haven't have for several months. Absolutely love it!! And would recommend it to everyone.

Jack T.

Very Well packed for shipping.
Appears very well constructed.
Functions as advertised.
Pleased after one hour of use.