Adjustable Swing-Away Cup Holder


The Details
  • Fits both rollators and walkers, attaching to 1" angled or straight tubing
  • Adjusts to 4 different sizes so you can fit both small and large drinks
  • Swings out of the way to allow progress through narrow doors and corridors - all without having to remove the beverage!
  • Won't interfere with the folding of your walker/rollator for transport or storage
Attribute Details
Color Black
Manufacturer / Item Code SnapIt! / A001P
Warranty If a SnapIt!™ product fails under the normal use for which it is designed return it to SnapIt!™ for repair or replacement at no charge. Shipping not included.
Additional Info

This is a drink holder for rolling walkers and standard rollators. It attaches to 1" diameter angled and straight tubes on your rollator or walker's frame. This cup holder adjusts to 4 different sizes so you can fit both large and small drinks without a problem. This product also can swing out of the way to provide clearance through narrow doors and corridors – all without having to remove your beverage! It also won't interfere with the folding of your walker or rollator when you go to put your mobility device into your vehicle or home storage.

This cup holder was made from incredibly durable, high density polyethylene material that will not break! If it does break somehow, there's a lifetime warranty included with this product that will have your damaged product repaired or replaced at no additional cost (just pay shipping).

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hood nut disappointed

I teceived the cup holder in good condition
Pros love that it can fit large and small containers

Hreat that the actual cup part can be removed

Great that it swivels in out of the way

It needs to have more support to hold cup straight. The plastic that holds it is not able to be tightened anymore without bending the plastic. Sice it doesn't have good support, the cup holder will lean on an angle ant the liquid spills.

I would not buy again unless it had better suppot.

I would get another if I needed it.

Only problem for me, is that the bar on my Drive walker, is angled due to the design. Wider at the bottom than the top creating the tilt. Therefore, the holder won't stay open when needed. It still works though and fullfills my needs. Thanks!


Don't use it, terrible product.

I would by it as a gift

My mom loves it! The only thing I wish it had was a something to lock it in place when she's walking around cause it sometimes swings out instead of staying tucked in


Not user friendly