Drive Folding Walker Tray


The Details
  • Fits most 2 button walkers
  • Folds easily when not in use
  • Made of easy to clean, durable plastic
  • Includes two molded cup holders
  • Size: 16" x 12"
Attribute Details
Warranty Limited 1 Year Warranty
Manufacturer / Item Code Drive Medical / 10125
UPC Code 8-22383-12080-5
Color Grey
Additional Info
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The Drive Folding Walker Tray will fit most 2 button walkers. Once secured, it provides a convenient platform on which to carry personal items safely and securely. This tray includes two molded cup holders with mug handle cut-outs, ideal for any type of meal. When not in use, it folds out of the way easily. Made of clean, durable plastic, this tray will last for years to come.

Customer Reviews

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Allyson L.
Serves it's purpose, good purchase

Overall good purchase. Not as sturdy as I thought. Not level.
Hard to.clamp
Made a difference in my functionality.
Would buy again and recommend

Tray fit the walker and made huge difference

I had purchased a tray for the Drive brand walker locally, assured by sales clerk it would fit. Didn't. This is Drive brand tray and it snapped right on. Without this tray it was impossible to do simple tasks after knee replacement surgery, like take food from kitchen to chair. My husband was dependent on me for every drink, snack, meal. Once we got this tray it was a game changer. He went the first month without a tray because no one, not a nurse, Dr., the PT people who visited the house mentioned this important accessory. Correction a PT assistant mentioned this about four weeks into rehab. Wish we'd gotten it sooner! Also The tray that did not fit took up space by the handles that meant my husband's hand could not fully wrap around the handles of the Walker. This tray, no problem at all, it snaps onto the vertical posts as you can see in the picture .

Such a great product!!

As I've had a walker tray for 6 yrs and absolutely love it I ordered 2 of these for a husband and wife I know that both use walkers. I have a different brand than they do--they have the Drive walker. I took the trays over to them ,showed them how to put it on and they both just loved it!!Very easy to put on and take off--and they're both able to "carry" things around the house that they couldn't do before.

I like it

I like it.

Daughter o.M.
Mom loves this one!

Folds up just likes it says it will and yet opens up easily also.