Comodita Uno All Terrain


Graphite is on backorder with the manufacture. It is scheduled to be available around September 1, 2024
The Details
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs.
  • 12” aluminum front wheels and 10” in the back, with pneumatic tires, ideal for all kinds of terrains
  • Exclusive ultra-comfortable 16" wide orthopedic seat with coccyx relief contour
  • Signature "S" shaped back wheel support provides extra wide space between rear wheels to avoid tripping and falling
  • Easily adjustable handle height. Hand-brake locks for safety while seated.
  • Easily folds for storage and transport. Extra wide removable ergonomic backrest.
  • Convenient under seat storage bag
  • Produced with heavy duty components with heavy duty components and weighs 34 lbs.
  • The tires of Comodita Uno All Terrain might have to be inflated periodically.
Attribute Details
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Recommended User Height 5'4" - 6'2"
Overall Height/Length/Width 34" - 38.5" / 30.5" / 25.5"
Seat Depth/Width 13.2" / 16"
Seat Height from Floor 22"
Folded Width 14"
Wheel Size 12" front, 10" rear
Unit Weight 34 lbs
Distance Between Handles 18"
Recommended Tire Pressue 35 PSI
Additional Info

The Comodita Uno All Terrain is perfect for people who want to live a more active lifestyle!

The 12” pneumatic front wheels and 10” rear wheels will help you overcome obstacles with ease, allowing you to use it inside the house as well as on boardwalks, trails, beaches, and other places that you want to explore, including your favorite hikes.

Important notes from the manufacturer:

*This model is produced with heavy duty components which makes it about 3 lb. heavier than a regular walker. If you cannot handle 34 lbs., we recommend against purchasing this model.

*Just like every pneumatic tire, the tires of Comodita uno All Terrain might have to be inflated periodically. This model will not perform well in fine beach sand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deborah L.
Best Walker EVER!!!

I bought an UNO All Terrain Walker May 18 and have used it walking the streets and sidewalks in our town and also several dirt trails in parks in Battle Creek, Sioux City, Ida Grove, Denison, Sac CIty, Carroll, Hinton and Independence Iowa. Prior to needing a walker, I was an avid mountain biker and the UNO allows me to continue to enjoy the outdoors by walking some of the trails I used to bike. The walker has attracted a lot of attention and interest from doctors at the cancer centers I go to, to people on trails and in stores. Many folks have taken pictures of the walker and asked where we got it. They are all totally impressed by this walker/rollator. In fact, I replaced the back tires in mid July as the cord was showing. I want to order a second one, as a back up. I highly recommend this rollator. Steve

Mark F.
My Comodita Uno All Terrain Rollator...A Shot in the Dark

After a stay in rehab my insurance company provided a poorly constructed (seat, brakes, wheels, stability, etc) rollator. I shortly gave it away.

Joseph T.
Excellent upgrade to my previous walker

The Uno all terrain model is far superior to my previous walker. The larger diameter, air inflated tires are much quieter inside the house, especially when transitioning across thresholds between rooms. When walking outside the tires provide more stability on uneven surfaces, reducing the chance for stumbles. The seat is large and comfortable. Overall the quality, style, and finish of the product is great.

misrepresented deliver time frame

Unfortunately the walker never arrived in over two weeks as opposed the website claim of 2-6 business days. This was for a trip to Europe. Now supposedly it was delivered the afternoon we left. No response on what to do with package delivered too late.

Paul G.
GR8 Product

It would be wonderful if there was an air pump and tire pressure guage provided to properly inflate the tires.
Comodita all terrain is great and Just Walkers Customer Service is wonderful to work with.