Snap In Cane Holster


The Details
  • Cane holster made specifically for 1" or 7/8" diameter canes
  • Holster fits on your walker, wheelchair, or rollator
  • Uses 2 hooks facing opposite directions to secure your cane
  • Cane can be easily removed from hooks when needed
  • Holster fits snugly against the frame of your mobility device to allow you to fit through narrow doors and hallways
Attribute Details
Color Black
Manufacturer / Item Code SnapIt! / W0010, W0011
Additional Info

This is a cane holster made specifically for 1" or 7/8" diameter canes. It uses 2 hooks facing in opposite directions to allow your cane to easily snap into place and stay put. Due to the snug fit, the cane won't rattle as you walk around, but it can still easily be removed when you need it. This holster comes with mounting hardware for walkers, wheelchairs, and rollators. The holster fits right up against the frame of your mobility device, so it won't get in the way when you pass through narrow doors or passageways. Also, this holster is reversible, meaning it can be fitted to the left or right side of your walker. Because this product has been made using high density polyethylene, it will not chip or break! And if somehow it breaks in anyway, simply send it back to SnapIt! for repair or replacement!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel T.

It's sturdy and well built. Works fine for my cane and looks and feels like it will last.

John K.
Just what I needed!

My cane is used to stabilize my walking, especially out side. It's not very dainty. I use a walker in the house, but there are situations in the house that require the cane. This cane holder attached to the walker easily and holds the cane so it's readily available when needed. It's well built so it will be around allot longer than me. PS I hope to be around for at least 10 more years.

Kelvin J.

Works like a charm

Old S.
Great product

I have tried bungee cord and plastic clips and even used raw hide strips to attach my cane to my rollanator, when I go places with this I just snapp my cane in the holder and truck on I don't worry about hitting someone, or the cane falling off the cart.

Cane holder

Only holds one of my canes if I put it in and twist it just right.