Drive Nitro Cane Holder


  • Fits the Nitro rollator only
  • Mounts tool-free
  • Weighs .25 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donald O.
Great accessories

Great accessories for my Drive nitro rollator. Service from Just Walkers is amazing. Thank you

Richard C.
Cane holder.

My first reaction was that my cane was too big for the holder. After using a couple of times it seemed to be OK. Very handy. Also, I made a little tray that fits over the seat. No problem taking it out to fold the walker and my wife and I both find it very handy since we both have walkers and the little trays.

Charles K.
cane holder

After two attempts at attachment it now accommodates my cane perfectly. . Good addition .

Terry J.P.
Best cane holder I have found.

Unlike most ‘universal’ cane holders, this one fits the rollator perfectly. Everything is solid and the cane stays in place. In fact I now store my cane on my Nitro. I am a little concerned that the clip that holds the shaft of the cane may break, as I have a traditional wooden cane that is on the thick side (1”). The cup that mounts on the lower, horizontal bar should accommodate just about any cane. I have a box full of cane holders that didn’t Fit, wouldn’t stay in place, or broke after very little use. I love this one.

Robert K.
Cane holder

I have a hurricane..the bottom doesn’t quite fit but still works ok.