Dolomite Maxi Plus Rollator


The Details
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  • Approximate user height: 4'9"-5'9" (Low), 5'1"-6' (Standard)
  • Height adjustments: 28.5"-35" (Low), 32"-38" (Standard)
  • Forward facing handles that promote better posture
  • Folding frames for ease in storage and transporting
  • Adjustable back strap
  • Durable, welded steel frame
  • 8" indoor/outdoor tires
  • Weighs: 21 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 440 lbs.
Attribute Details
Warranty Dolomite warrants the Maxi+ frame to be free from manufacturer's defects for 2 years.
Manufacturer/Item Code Dolomite / D12120, D12122
Weight Capacity Range 401 - 500 lbs
Item Weight 21-30 lbs
Height Low: 28.5" - 35" ; Standard: 32" - 38"
Upholstery Color Black
Overall Width 27.5"
Width Between Arms/Handles 20.5"
Includes Carry Basket
Wheel Size 8"
Product Weight 21 lbs
Seat Height Low: 22", Standard: 25.5"
Seat Dimensions 8.5" x 17"
Braking Style Loop
Wheels 4
UPC Code "With Carry Basket"
Rollator Color Blue
Return Restocking Fee 50%
Additional Info
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For the customer who requires a rolling walker with more capacity, consider the Maxi+. It is a wider frame, 20.5” and has a greater weight capacity, 440 lbs. while remaining a 19 lb. 4 wheel walker. The arms adjust in increments for 6 inches of height range and have ergonomic grips. Maxi Rollators have a safety latch on the seat to guard against accidental folding when using the grab handle on the seat. Maxi comes in Metallic Blue color and 2 seat heights. Both styles come standard with a basket sized 12 x 15 x 7". The standard Maxi Plus Rollator is also the tallest rolling walker in the Dolomite line.

Maxi Plus comes in 2 seat/frame heights:

  • Standard: 32" to 38" Handle Height Range / Basket Dimensions: 12" x 15" x 7"
  • Low: 28.5" to 35" Handle Height Range / Basket Dimensions: 12" x 15" x 7"

Customer Reviews

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Mary T.P.
The Outsider

Great for outside use- doesn’t tip - safest.

Had mine for ten years and got it used.

It has gone for heavy use for ten years and I got it used from a Senior Center. It is getting time to at new because wheels are worn down brakes gone and while it is heavy I would live with that rather than have AL ones that corrode in Chicago winters.

is it worth the money?

I don't like it because the seat is so uncomfortable. I need a good chair as much as I need help walking. Standing still is harder than walking. But the seat is really quite horrible.