Dolomite Legacy Rollator


Rollator Color
The Details
  • Curb climber is not included
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Approximate user height: 5'-5'6" (Low), 5'5"-6' (Standard)
  • Height adjustments: , 31"-34" (Low), 33"-37" (Standard)
  • Forward facing handles that promote better posture
  • Folding frames for ease in storage and transporting
  • Flexible back strap
  • Stepped handle height adjustment
  • Weighs: 15 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs. capacity
Attribute Details
Warranty 2 Year Warranty on frame only
Manufacturer/Item Code Dolomite / D12050B, D12050R, D12052B, D12052R, D12054B, D12054R
Weight Capacity Range 301 - 400 lbs
Item Weight 11-20 lbs
Height Low: 31" - 34" , Standard: 33" - 37"
Upholstery Color Black
Overall Width 23"
Width Between Arms/Handles 17"
Includes Carry Pouch
Wheel Size 8"
Product Weight 15 lbs
Seat Height Low: 22", Standard: 24"
Seat Dimensions 7" x 14"
Braking Style Loop
Wheels 4
UPC Code "With Carry Basket"
Return Restocking Fee 50%
Additional Info
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Reliable and durable describe the Legacy. Dolomite’s design incorporates a flip up seat for greater reach and gait training. The large 8” wheels are for indoor or outdoor use. The DABS patented braking system is easy to use for direct braking or parking. The welded steel frame improves durability and provides the rollator with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Legacy is currently being used by many of our nation’s veterans.

Legacy comes in 2 seat/frame heights:

  • Standard: 33" to 37" Handle Height Range / Basket Dimensions: 12" x 15" x 7"
  • Low: 31" to 34" Handle Height Range / Basket Dimensions: 12" x 15" x 7"

Each of these heights come in two colors, Metallic Blue and Candy Apple Red.

  • Curb climber is not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Richard B.

It arrived in great shape. I ordered it higher than usual so I could stand up straighter, I need to work with it so my arms don't get so tired.

Harry W.
Safer walking

Very satisfied with my Legacy rollator: It is sturdily build and well made. For those of us who need a walking aid, the Legacy is a reliable partner. The basket which comes with the unit, plus the accessory tray, gives me additional independence.
And, at a reasonable price.

David A.
Best Damn Walker Ever!

The Dolomite walker is the sturdiest, safest walker on the market. I had my last one for 6 years until it died in an automobile collision!!

Catherine D.

I ordered the rollator that should have fit my height. Not even close way too short. My husband had to weld a piece of pipe 4 inches to the handles
Now appropriate height.
The other disappointment was the folding of the rollator. Light yes but very awkward to fold into a car.
The seat needs some kind of material because everything rolls off of it.
The brake cables also get caught on things ie. cabinets.

Pete P.
Update on previous 5 star review

I found after heavy use since 2019, my frame developed a crack. I think there should have been better strengthening of rear frame legs going from swivel folding screw weakened when I leaned too far over right side. It developed a wobble and after tightening screw that seemed loose I noticed crack in frame member. I feel the only one screw and it being large size causes a weak point in design when folded. I bought a new rollator and not another Dolomite.