Comodita Piccola


The Details
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  • Comes with a cup holder and cane holder!
  • Heavy-duty 400 lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable handle height of 29" to 33”
  • Extra-large 8” wheels for safer indoor and outdoor use
  • Seat Width: 15”, Seat Depth: 14.25”
  • Seat Height From Floor: 18”
  • Unit Weight: 19.5 lbs
  • Overall Width : 24.5”
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Additional Info

The modern design and sturdy construction of the COMODITÀ Piccola Rolling Walker make it one of the safest walkers on the market. COMODITÀ Piccola is our petite model, ideal for user up to 5'4". Built to support weights of up to 400 lbs (182 kgs), it is tested and approved under the most demanding standards for rolling walkers. Our signature "S" shaped back wheel support, provides provides extra room for the feet to move, helping to avoid tripping and falling. It also allows the weight to be placed right above the wheels, and not on the side of the wheels like most models on the market. Our rolling walker is built with the best materials available to ensure the highest safety you can find.

Customer Reviews

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Adam S.
Fantastic But Not A Toy

I got this walker for my mother-in-law. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the walker...just the person (me) who tested it out without reading the instructions first. I know my mother-in-law and know she will try to sit and scoot backwards in the walker. So, I sat down and proceeded to scoot. All went well on the hard floor but on the carpet I went over backwards. I thought, "Well, that must have been a freak accident." So I got back up and did it again. :-) My wife then read the instructions for me and said, "The walker should not be used to transport or move around while seated."

So, fantastic walker. Read all the instructions before use. Don't lean back in the walker because it will over-center and flip over backwards.

Great product. Use as intended or you will go for an unintended ride.

Christy P.
Looks good

Great size for a petite person. The overall quality of this walker is good but one of the wheels is slightly higher than the others and therefore doesn’t have as good of traction as it should. Also the wheels are smooth and somewhat slippery so it tends to slide on smooth surfaces while in the locked position which is dangerous. Fix the wheels and you will have a great walker.

Jean H.
Safety, Stability, Functionality

The attributes one needs in a walker. Having had two inexpensive walkers that failed, I feel safe with this unit.
The first two walkers had defects that caused the metal to fatigue. The last one had a leg and wheel fall off, ,causing me to fall. The only defect this unit has is it's width, and the location of the coffee cup holder. This prohibits ease getting thru doorways without banging into the walls. DOC

jessica f.
very cute sturdy walker

it wheels straight very well, is solid and well made. seat is comfortable for a short person. it is somewhat hard to turn around- easy to steer going forward, but hard to turn 180 degree to sit down