The new Roll With Me app is super easy to use. If you’re in the Chicago area, all you have to do is insert your current location, where you want to go, and when you want to leave. The app will then tell you the best way to get there using only wheelchair accessible public transport.

The app was designed by 21 year old software developer Mohammad Ouyoun who himself uses a wheelchair.

It all started on an ordinary day. Ouyoun was at the Merchandise Mart Brown Line stop. He wanted to get to Union Station. So he asked a CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) customer service agent how to get there. The agent told him to go to the Quincy stop. But upon arriving there, Ouyoun found there were no working elevators or ramps at that particular stop, and therefore no way for him to get out.

Wishing to avoid such annoyances in the future and help out others in his shoes, Ouyoun created Roll With Me. “I feel like there is a big need for this kind of application,” Ouyoun said. “It would not necessarily be limited to wheelchair users but moms with strollers and people with luggage.”

The app tracks all 99 wheelchair friendly CTA rail stations, and all 1,8000 wheelchair-friendly CTA buses. It also gives warnings when elevators break down.

Roll With Me was made in collaboration with the Smart Chicago Collaborative, a “civic organization devoted to improving lives in Chicago through technology.”