That’s what we hear every day, and what we try to keep in mind when looking for new walkers and rollators. The width of a walker is of paramount importance- it can mean the difference between a walking aid you only occasionally remember to use and an essential part of your daily life. After all, many bathroom doors are only twenty-two inches, and narrow hallways can be hard to navigate. You don’t want some big, clunky thing getting in your way. You need a walking aid that is streamlined to fit your life.

For users looking for a standard walker with a narrow width, we recommend the Mabis Freedom Deluxe Folding Walker. This narrow walker is strong, comfortable, and includes three pouches. Even better, it is only 20” wide – perfect for bathroom stalls and tiny halls. The Freedom Deluxe is also a folding walker, allowing for easy storage and transport. While several of our standard walkers are narrow, this is easily the narrowest.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, why not try a narrow rollator? Rollators aren’t just chairs with wheels. They’re complete wheeled walking aids, with braking systems and storage capacity. Unfortunately, these extra conveniences mean most rollators are too wide for many bathroom doors. Worry not – the Drive Let’s Go Rollator is the perfect answer. This narrow rollator is only 21.65” across, but it packs a big punch for such a little package. Available in three stylish colors, the Let’s Go Rollator includes a covered basket, a seat, and a full length brake handle. You sacrifice nothing, and gain in flexibility and independence.

The search for a narrow walker may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be fruitless. There are options out there which don’t require you to sacrifice style or functionality. Look, shop, and enjoy your newfound stability and freedom of movement!