Choosing a rollator? We can help. After years of selling walking aids online, we’ve learned what the highest quality rollators are as well as what our customers like the best. Here are four of our top recommended 4 wheel rollators—

 Drive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator1. Drive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator

Bryan Mercer, a licensed pharmacist for over 30 years, has chosen the Drive Adjustable as his Pharmacist Recommended Best 4 Wheeled Rollator. The rollator has a unique adjustable seat that allows any user to get the perfect fit—whether they’re under 5 feet or over 6 feet. It comes with a secure pouch under the seat, adjustable back rest, ergonomic handles and 6 inch wheels for navigating over any terrain.

 2. Drive Aluminum Rollator

Also from Drive, this lightweight aluminum rollator comes with all the standard features such as a carry pouch, adjustable back rest, and ergonomic handles—but at a lower price! With 6 inch wheels, this rollator is great for both indoors and outdoors.

 Medline Economy Rollator3. Medline Economy Rollator

Who doesn’t like a good deal? The Medline Economy Rollator is our cheapest 4 wheel walker, but still has the features you would expect in a more expensive model. Perfect for the budget-minded buyer.

 4. Medline Ultralight Freedom Rollator

At only 11 pounds, the Ultralight Freedom is the lightest rolling walker available. It’s broad height range lets it serve as both a standard and junior rollator. The Ultralight Freedom comes with a water resistant pouch with shoulder strap and works great both indoors and outdoors.

But don’t take our word for any of this. Just visit the different product pages to read what our customers have to say!