Technology Can Aid Independent Living

January 03, 2014 2 min read

Medcenter Mini OrganizerIf you have an elderly loved one living alone, it can be stressful knowing that you can’t be there to take care of them all the time. The largest cause of injury for seniors is falling, particularly inside the house. For an elderly person living alone this danger becomes significantly higher, as they’ll have no one close by to help them in the event of an accident. But this doesn’t mean that you or your loved one have to sacrifice independence for safety. In this day and age, technology can be extremely helpful in providing seniors living alone with the resources they need to stay safe and independent.

Hands-free alerts One of the more frequently used devices for seniors is the personal emergency response system (PERS.) This fixes the problem of a loved one falling and being unable to get help. It provides them with a wearable SOS button, which usually comes in the form of a necklace or bracelet, and a base station connected to the home phone line. By just pressing a button, your loved one can call a friend, family member, or 911 for assistance.

Home monitors If you’re concerned about your loved one maintaining their health throughout their day-to-day routines, a home monitoring system can provide you with the ability to check in on them at any time and make sure they’re staying safe—eating regular meals, sleeping well, and taking their medicine on time.

Medication reminders When your loved one remembering to take their medicine on time is an issue, you might want to invest in a medication management device. These will dispense medicine on schedule, and provide your loved one with reminders every day.

When time, distance, or busy schedules keep you from visiting and caring for your elderly loved one as much as you’d like, technological devices can put your mind at ease. They’re no replacement for the love of a friend or family member, but they will ensure that your loved one is safe and healthy, even when you can’t be there.