Surviving the Winter in a Wheelchair

January 01, 2015 1 min read

If you live with a wheelchair, then the winter can bring extra challenges. Here are some tips from actual wheelchair users on how best to stay warm and get around this winter.

    1. Carry Extra Gloves

    If it’s wet and snowy and you use a manual wheelchair, then your gloves are likely to get wet. So always remember to carry an extra pair. It’s also smart to avoid cotton gloves as cotton absorbs moisture and stays wet. Instead try gloves with a protective lining.

    2. Make Sure Your Tires Have Traction

    Wheelchair tires made from soft rubber are better at gripping snow and ice. Some people also like to use mountain bike tires. But even if you do have good tires, avoid going into snow deeper than 1.5 inches (unless you have a wheelchair specifically made for such conditions) because you could get stuck.

    3. Beware Slippery Ramps

    Wheelchair ramps can get icy and slippery, so use caution. Table salt or clay cat litter can be used to clear ice from ramps. Avoid rock salt though, as it can poison assistance animals.

    4. Always Carry a Cell Phone

    Something as simple as hitting an ice chunk the wrong way could potentially strand you. Make sure your cell phone is on you and fully charged before venturing out into the cold.

    5. Wear Layers

    Thick layers can make it difficult to move, but multiple thin layers will keep you warm and make your day a lot more fun. So bundle up, and enjoy the winter!