When buying a rollator or rolling walker, you have a lot options. To make sure you find the best one for your needs, ask yourself--

 1. How wide do I want it to be?

4 Wheel WalkerMeasure your doorways to make sure the rollator will fit through smoothly. It’s also a good idea to measure hallways or any other areas you’ll navigate on a regular basis. 3 wheel walkers tend to be narrower than 4 wheel walkers, but don’t offer quite as much stability.

 2. What weight capacity do I want?

Rollators come in a wide range of weight capacities. Some only support 225 pounds, and others support over 500 pounds.

 3. How often will I travel with the rollator?

Whether you’re flying to see family or simply driving down to the local mall, if you plan to travel often with your rollator it’s a good idea to buy one that folds. This reduces the amount of storage space required and should make the rollator easier to get into and out of your car.

 4. Do I want a 3 wheel rollator or a 4 wheel rollator?

Three wheel rollators are typically narrower and lighter, making them easier to navigate and lift. Four wheel rollators, however, offer greater stability and include a rest seat if you get tired. Choose the rollator which has the features you value most.

 5. What accessories do I want?

This all depends on your habits and lifestyle. Many rollators come with a basket, but if you like to carry a lot of books you might want to get a rollator pouch as well. If you’ll be walking around at night, you might want a safety mobility light. Cup holders are also very popular. You can even get a fishing pole holder to attach to your rollator.