Are you looking for a walker with some style? One available in a wide range of colors and designs? One that will set you apart from the crowd? We hear you! After all, everyone likes to stand out. Why should you be forced to use a dull, grey, metal walker like everyone else? There are plenty of alternatives out there for those who want a little interest in their mobility aid. Read on for our picks for the best, most stylish types of walker, rollator, and rolling walker.

Wheeled Walkers

This one was a tough decision, but the Mabis Two-Button Release Folding Walker won the day for its spare, sleek construction and wide choice of colors and designs. No other rolling walker comes in such a variety of patterns, from flowery pink to the sturdy black with wood-style detailing. The Mabis Two-Button Walker definitely offers a stylish alternative to the norm.

Runner-Up: The Stander Metro Walker features an elegant design and the choice of three colors not available on any other model. The exclusive pouches and included ski glides make this walker a truly unique option.

Three-Wheeled Rollators

While all the three-wheeled rollators share the same basic design, something about the Drive Winnie Lite Supreme seems lighter and sportier than all the rest. The tan frame and plaid pouch make this three-wheeled rollator a truly eye-catching model.

Four-Wheeled Walkers

Though there are many contenders for the title, the only possible winner here is the Drive Let’s Go Rollator. For pure style, the sleek lines of the Let’s Go can’t be beat. Moreover, this is the only walker with brakes operable with only one hand, and it is narrow enough to be taken anywhere easily. We prefer the red option, but there are two other choices of veneer that are also quite appealing.

Runner-Up: The Invacare FR300 Rollator looks completely different from any other rollator out there. With its streamlined construction and curving lines, it looks as ready for the racetrack as the mall. Indeed, had it been available in any color other than black, it would have been the winner of this category.