Aging in place is becoming more and more popular amongst seniors across the country. But aging in place successfully requires effort and knowledge. Here are several life hacks you can use to age in place and get more out of your golden years.

  1. Low-Vision Keyboards

    Computers have become an important part of our daily lives. But if your eyesight is getting worse, those tiny keyboard keys can be hard to see. Low-Vision keyboards offer bigger keys so you can continue to use your computer with ease.

  2. Tub Rails

    Getting in and out of the tub can be tricky. After all, the bathroom can be the most slippery place in the house. Tub rails give you a firm grip so you can safely climb in and out.

  3. Bed Rails

    Bed rails work the same as tub rails, just for your bed. Great for when you need to get in or out of bed at night.

  4. Motion Sensor Lights

    And if you are getting up in the night, it’s a good idea to install motion sensor lights. No need to search for a lightswitch in the dark. Just start moving and the let the light switch itself on.

  5. Remove Upper Cabinet Doors

    Cabinet doors are mostly unnecessary. So make your top shelfs more accessible by simply removing the doors.

  6. Pets

    Pets make us happier and more engaged. Birds are particularly easy to care for and you can even take them on walks by putting the birdcage on your rollator seat.

  7. Social Activities

    Keeping your body healthy is important, but so is keeping your mind engaged. Make sure to schedule events with friends or join a social group, so you that your life will be filled with activity and fun.