Compared to a traditional walker, rollator walkers are easier to use and quicker since they can be pushed like a cart instead of being lifted. Still, there are a few important things to know before you begin using a rollator. Here are the top four mistakes you should NOT make.

 Drive Adjustable Seat Height Rollator1. Don’t Push the Rollator Waaaaaay Out in Front of You

When walking with a rollator, you want to keep it close enough that it’s supportive. By pushing it too far out in front, you risk losing some of its support which could lead to a falling accident.

 2. Don’t Twist Your Back When Making Turns

Although this may seem natural, the proper way to turn when using a rollator is actually to turn your whole body so that you stay within the width of the rollator and are always facing the front of it. This maximizes the support your rollator provides you.

 3. If Your Steps Are Uneven, Don’t Lengthen Your Shorter Step

Some people who use a rollator have uneven steps, and may be tempted to solve this by lengthening their shorter step. However, a person’s shorter step is usually their weaker one. Typically the longer step is where they have better balance. So instead of lengthening your short step, try shortening your long step.

 4. Don’t Leave the Breaks Off When Sitting Down

One of the benefits of a rollator walker is that all 4-wheeled rollators and several 3-wheeled rollators provide a seat where the user can rest if they get worn out. Just remember to engage the breaks when sitting down so your rollator stays sturdy and doesn’t slip.

As long as you remember not to make those four mistakes, you should find a rollator walker to be a simple to use, fast and convenient mobility aid. So have fun, and stay active!