No matter what your age, there’s almost nothing that feels better than spending a day relaxing, reading a book, watching TV, or taking a nap, and there’s no better place to do this than in the comfort of your own bedroom. It’s a place of comfort, safety, and rest, somewhere you can feel truly at home. But as we get older, even cozy environments like the bedroom can start to become potential dangers to our health and wellbeing, so it’s important to take extra care.

Falling is the leading cause of death due to injury for seniors, and 55% of falls take place inside the home. This doesn’t mean you should stop feeling safe in your home, just that you should make sure your living environment—especially the bedroom—won’t contribute to your risk of fall or injury. Luckily, there are many simple home renovations you can make to ensure that your bedroom remains a comfortable, fall-free place.

  • Stander BedcaneKeep your dreams sweet: Nothing says “bedroom” more than the bed itself. While lying in bed might not seem like a potentially dangerous activity, there are a few risks that, as a senior, you should be aware of. If you happen to be a restless sleeper, it’s smart to take precautions against falling out of bed in your sleep or going on dangerous nighttime adventures if you’re a sleepwalker. A bed rail is a good way to prevent this. It’s practical, easy to install, and it won’t interfere with your sleeping. You can install a bed rail on one or both sides of your bed, and many varieties come with padding to ensure comfort, and carry pockets for extra convenience.
  • Give yourself a hand(le): Another common feature of aging is stiffer limbs and decreased mobility, which can make getting in and out of bed a bit more difficult. A bed rail can also be useful for this. By providing a handy means of support that you can grip to maintain your stability, it can help you climb in and out of bed without incident.
  • Sometimes when mobility becomes particularly difficult, it may be necessary for you to spend much more extended periods of time in bed. What could be better, right? Well unfortunately there is sometimes such thing as too much relaxation, and you may find that spending all day in bed can have its own inconveniences.
  • Let yourself have fun: Boredom is a big one of these. After all, you can only sleep for so long, and when you’re stuck in bed it might seem like there’s nothing else to do. Luckily, you can keep your entertainment in bed with you by using a bed table for easy, close-by storage. With a bed table, you can keep your computer, food, a favorite book, and more right in your lap! This will not only keep you happy and occupied, but it will also minimize the need for you to get out of bed, if that’s something you find difficult.
  • Relax in comfort: Lying in bed all day can also lead to physical discomforts. Without proper bedding, it’s easy to become sore and cramped. Therefore a good idea is to make sure your blankets, pillows, and mattress afford you the most comfort possible. A bed wedge is a good way to eliminate soreness or cramping from prolonged periods spent in bed. Bed wedges are firm, wedge-shaped pillows that can be placed under your back or neck, helping to realign your posture, or under a sore limb, relieving some of the pressure on it. If you’re worried about bed sores during your stay under the covers, a pressure prevention mattress pad is a good thing to invest in.

As a senior, you may reach a time in life when your bedroom is the place you spend most of your time. But this doesn’t mean it has to stop being the cozy safe place you’re accustomed to. If you simply take a few extra measures to ensure your comfort and safety, the bedroom can remain the homiest room in your house.