If you feel the standard wheelchair simply does not have enough wheels, then check out the HexHog, a six-wheeled all terrain wheelchair.

The HexHog was created by Welsh inventor Sion Pierce after he learned of a disabled farmer who was unable to access all of the family farm land safely. Over the next five years, Pierce engineered and tested the HexHog on the rugged terrain of Northern Wales, making sure it could get through mud, sand, water, snow and ice.

Legally, the HexHog is classified as an ATV (all terrain vehicle) and not an electric wheelchair. “You can’t take the HexHog into supermarkets, but you can cross moorland, farmland, and even peat bogs,” said Pierce. The HexHog can be driven on the road legally, however it’s top speed is only 8 miles an hour.

According to the HexHog’s website, this all terrain wheelchair features “a patented flexing chassis providing stability superior to an ATV without needing to actively lean or ride… lithium-ion battery power plant, meaning no vibration, fumes or noise from engines… a seat transfer system, which advances and lowers the driving seat to a position for independent transfer from a wheelchair… all-wheel drive… [and] electronic drive architecture, giving maximum independence to wheelchair users with varying abilities.”

Currently, the HexHog costs between $30,000 and $42,000 US, depending on the options selected. To see the HexHog in action, check out their video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX7qbOdgHzA.