On September 2nd at around 9:30pm, wheelchair user Michael Hanby allegedly attempted to shoplift a TV from Kmart. A Kmart employee confronted Hanby outside the store, and was surprised when Hanby pulled out a .22 revolver.

In case the .22 wasn’t enough, Hanby also had a .40 pistol strapped to his shoulder and a 12” knife in his wheelchair. And in case those weren’t enough, in his backpack he had a .44 Magnum, handcuffs, pepper spray, brass knuckles, and of course extra ammunition.

Not surprisingly, the Kmart employee let Hanby go. While the employee called the police, Hanby got into his van, which for good measure had an 18” machete, 11” knife, baseball bat, and several masks. Hanby fled the scene, but was soon spotted by a police officer. Hanby proceeded to lead the officer on a 20 minute car chase which escalated to include several more police cars and a helicopter.

Eventually, Hanby pulled over and exited his van in his wheelchair. But he refused to surrender or follow any of the police officers’ instructions, until they brought out a police dog and threatened to release it. At this point, Hanby become more cooperative and was booked into the county jail on “suspicion of burglary, evading arrest and various weapons charges.”

Hanby claimed to be an unemployed security guard, which could explain some of the weapons. He’s being held without bail, pending arraignment.