Gift Ideas for Seniors

November 22, 2013 2 min read

Fleece Cane Grip Derby HandleThe holidays are just around the corner yet again. Many people find it difficult to shop for elderly loved ones. But fear not, is bringing back its annual Holiday Gift Guide. The guide is full of gift ideas for any price range. It includes several of our most popular mobility devices such as rollators and canes as well as our most popular mobility device accessories such as walker trays, cup holders, cane bags and more.

Plus, this year we’re offering several new and unique devices to assist the seniors in your life.

Stocking Stuffers

During the winter, cane handles can get cold and unpleasant to use. But with a Fleece Cane Grip, you can keep your hand warm and comfortable while minimizing stress to your wrist. We also offer the new and inexpensive Mabis Cane Holder—perfect for keeping your loved one’s cane upright and out of the way, but still easily accessible. Your loved one may also appreciate a walker bag, rollator bag, or wheelchair bag so they can keep useful everyday items on hand at all times.

New! Gifts Just In

One of the problems with limited mobility is that it’s harder to exercise. And if you don’t exercise your muscles will get weaker and your mobility may diminish even more. Exercise peddlers provide those with limited mobility a form of low-impact exercise they can do while safely seated. Another unique device worth considering is a Folding Seat Cane which not only helps users walk but gives them a place to sit and rest at any time.

Holiday Gifts

Even if your elderly loved ones are living with you, there’s no way to watch them 24/7. Alert Pendants provide you and your loved one peace of mind, by giving them an easy way to call 911 at any time in case of emergency. Or if your loved one uses a wheelchair, check out the new Wheelchair Lap Desk from Ableware. It lets users conveniently use their laptop to read or write from their wheelchair. Plus, it has a built in cup holder and pencil holder.

Happy holidays!