First Race Director of the Steamboat Classic Runs Race with Rollator

July 19, 2013 1 min read

Every year, the Steamboat Classic draws runners and spectators from around the world to Peoria, IL. The event features four mile, fifteen kilometer, and four kilometer races. This year, Steve Shostrom, the original race director of the Steamboat Classic (who competed in the first event back in 1983), ran once again with the help of his rollator.

According to Shostrom, he trained for about three weeks. Before the race he was quoted as saying, “I haven’t made the distance or duplicated the walk, but I think I can do it.” Shostrom was joined by several of his friends and family, who were there to support him and run the race with him.

When Shostrom first ran the race in his pre-rollator days, there were only 158 participants. Now, the Steamboat Classic draws thousands annually. This is in part due to its reputation as the “The World’s Fastest Four Miles.” Every recognized world record for four miles was set at the Steamboat Classic. This includes the fastest men’s four mile (17 minute and 24 seconds, set by Josphat Machuka of Kenya in 1995) and the fastest women’s four mile (nineteen minutes and 28 seconds, set by Delillah Asiago of Kenya in 1995).

Though the 2013 Steamboat Classic has passed, there’s still plenty of time before the 2014 race. And if you need inspiration to get in shape for the next race, just check out this video of Steve Shostrom successfully completing the 4K with his rollator.