When you think of roommates, you probably envision college students or early twenty somethings living together. But more and more, senior citizens are moving in together as a way to successfully age in place.

The benefits of having a roommate later in life are many. One of the biggest reasons older adults do it is the same reason younger adults do it: living together saves a ton of money. Another reason is that they can share chores and housework. This is especially beneficial when maintaining the house becomes too much for the single homeowner. And the third major benefit is of course companionship. After all, living alone can get lonely but having roommates can make life more exciting and fun.

One of the popular sites facilitating (and profiting from) this trend is the Golden Girls Network, named after the popular television show Golden Girls about four mature female roommates sharing a home and many a cheesecake together. On the site, anyone over 40 (men too) can search for like-minded roommates near where they live.

The Golden Girls Network was founded by Bonnie Moore. After Bonnie and her husband divorced at age 63, she found she was no longer able to afford living at her home. So she got three roommates, and has been living with various roommates ever since. “A lot of people love the idea, but they’re hesitant to do it on their own,” said Bonnie. Fortunately, with her site many more seniors will now be able to.