Two-year-old Isabella Shorr was born with spina bifida, a condition that left her paralyzed from the knees down.

“She wasn’t able to basically move around, so she was kind of stuck in whatever position we put her in,” said Isabella’s dad Jeffrey Shorr. “If she wanted to interact with her brothers and sister, it was basically sitting in one spot.”

So Isabella’s parents came up with a brilliant, economical solution-- they built a child sized wheelchair out of a Bumbo seat and a set of wheels. It didn’t take Isabella long to learn to wheel herself around the house. Now she’s able to be much more independent. “The joy she gets, you can see it on her face. She just has a big smile ear to ear,” said Jeffrey.

Although similar products exist on the market, they cost around $1,000, a price many families can’t afford, especially for a wheelchair that will be quickly outgrown. So the Shorrs are collecting donations, and building and shipping free wheelchairs to families in need.

“There’s a lot of kids out there that are affected by spina bifida that you really don’t hear about often. This is a great opportunity to give those kids the freedom and joy that we see Bella have,” said Jeffrey. To learn more about the Shorr family’s creation, you can visit the Bella’s Bumba’s Facebook page.