One of the coolest things about 3D printing is that it makes product customization much easier. Now, London design firm Layer is using this technology to offer users customized wheelchairs.

Layer talked with a variety of wheelchair users including wheelchair basketball players about what they wanted in a wheelchair. Using the feedback, Layer then designed the GO wheelchair-- a customizable, 3D printed wheelchair.

First, the user’s body is scanned and their needs are assessed. For example, a user with a spinal injury may want a taller, more supportive seat. Or a user who only has one leg might want adjustments for their off-center balance. At this stage, only the seat and footrests are customizable. Wheels and other parts still come “off-the-shelf” to keep costs down.

Users then use an app to select their wheelchair’s colors and any other optional elements they want. Layer says they’ll be able to build and deliver the customized wheelchair in two weeks, though for now they’re still waiting for approval from the UK’s National Health Services.

Another unique feature of the GO is, based on wheelchair user feedback, they’ve replaced the normal metal push rim featured on most wheelchairs. Though traditional push rims are simple and durable, they lack grip. Layer has given their push rim an “almost BMX bike” style grip texture, and they provide special gloves to use with it.