The Best Crutch Accessories

July 01, 2011 2 min read

So you’re injured, or you’re recovering from surgery, or for whatever reason you’re supposed to stay off your ankle for a few weeks, and you’ve acquired a pair of crutches to use for that time. But they’re more of a hassle than you ever thought they’d be, aren’t they? Whether chafing under your arms or keeping both hands occupied whenever you stand up, there’s no denying that big, clunky crutches seem to cause more problems than they solve.

Lucky for you, many of those problems have solutions, and they come in the varying forms of crutch accessories. “Accessories for crutches,” you say? Yes! Yes, indeed! They exist, and they may just have the answers you are looking for.

Do rough, barely padded crutches leave bruises on your sides and raw chafing on your fingers? Too often, standard crutches from a hospital or insurance company have thin padding that leads to secondary injuries. In cases like these, auxiliary crutch pad covers can do a world of good. The Feel Good Crutch Accessory Kit is a set of two fleecy crutch pad covers that fit over the underarm pads and the handgrips of all standard crutches, providing an extra layer of softness and protection. Slip these on and find immediate relief.

The most common problem crutches cause, though, is that of pure inconvenience. One crutch per hand means you have no hands left over for anything else, and purses or bags can throw off your balance and strain shoulders already trying to support more weight than they are used to. For cases like these, there are clutch bags that clip onto crutches—crutch clutches, if you will. The Nova Ultimate Crutch Bag clips easily onto the frame of your crutch for ease and convenience—and comes off right away whenever you need it. The wrist strap makes this clutch perfect for carrying cell phones, wallets, keys, and anything else you might need.

And of course, if you are forced to stay off your leg for more than a few weeks, you may want to look into a crutch alternative. Knee walkers are revolutionary devices that allow you to stay active while keeping your hands free. They are a true step up in comfort and convenience.

So worry not—though your crutches might seem like a burden now, help is available. And with savvy crutch accessorization, your days of recovery will pass with no frustrating inconvenience. In fact, by the time you can do away with them, you may find you miss your soft crutch pads, convenient clutch bags, and snazzy knee walkers!