Benefits of an Aging Population

October 02, 2014 1 min read

Drive Adjustable Seat Height RollatorThe world’s population is aging. People are living longer, and they’re having fewer kids.

A recent study on Germany showed that currently the largest age group in the country is 40 - 50 year olds. But by 2060, they expect the largest age group to be 70 - 80 year olds.

It’s possible that the aging population will bring some negative side effects. It could strain the economy and cause healthcare costs to continue to rise. However, there are many benefits that an aging population may bring.

    1. Environmental Benefits

    Studies indicate that older populations consume fewer energy-intensive goods. Plus, as people age they tend to drive less, meaning less carbon dioxide emissions.

    2. More Peaceful Society

    Some people theorize that as countries have fewer and fewer kids, sending those kids to war will be less and less acceptable. So hopefully the aging population will usher in an age of greater peace.

    3. Better Health

    One of the most exciting changes is that earth’s population isn’t just living longer, they’re also staying healthy longer. Mankind’s healthcare knowledge is better than it’s ever been. And we now have more tools to help us deal with old age than ever before-- from medicines to mobility aids such as walkers and rollators.

    The German study showed that the average German man today spends 63% of his life in good health, but by 2050 the average German man will spend a full 80% of his life in good health.

So all in all, the future is looking bright.