Those who are buying a walker for the 1st time are often forced to choose between style, features, or durability. This can make purchasing a walker stressful and frustrating. If you or a loved one is at the time of life when a walker has become a necessity, be sure that the walker you choose meets these 5 criteria.

  1. Lightweight and Strong

    Many caregivers, looking at walkers for the first time, tend to find two options:

      • The lightweight walker that is flimsy and cheaply made.
      • The bulky monstrosities that are sturdy, but lack the convenience of a lighter more agile walker.

      Luckily for caregivers and their loved ones, walkers that possess both qualities are available. Do some research and find the walker that best fits you or your loved one’s needs and promotes independence and safety. When it comes to your health, or the health of a loved one, never settle for cheap.

    • Smooth Ride

      Past are the days when tennis balls provided the smoothest of walker experiences. Make sure your next walker has great wheels and ski glides. The bigger the wheels, the easier it will be to maneuver across multiple surfaces like tile, carpet, sidewalk etc. Look for a walker with at least 6” wheels and replaceable rear glides.

    • CompactEZ Fold N' Go Walker

      Walkers are supposed to promote independence and mobility. Because of their size, even when folded up, most tri-fold walkers limit you or your loved ones ability to travel or even leave the home. When making your next walker purchase, be sure that you are buying a walker that can fold up small and be taken in the car, grocery cart, or airplane. The EZ Fold N’ Go Walker from Stander folds up into a 6.5” diameter making it the ideal travel walker.

    • Stylish

      I recently gave my sweet 92 year old land lady a pink walker from Stander. She tells me every day how jealous her friends are and how many comments she gets when she visits the hospital. The looks of your home, car, and clothes say a lot about your personality. Why shouldn’t your walker? Don’t let limited mobility define you and your style. Find a walker that has color, style, and adjustment options match you or your loved ones personality.

    • Lifetime Warranty

      Your walker will more than likely bang into doorways, be placed in numerous shopping carts, and stuffed into car trunks. The fact is, walkers take a beating! The only thing worse than buying a second-rate walker is buying multiple second-rate walkers due to quality problems. Find a walker that is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and make it the last walker you ever have to buy!