For many with limited mobility, power scooters are a huge blessing. Here are our top 5 reasons for getting one.

Power Scooter  1. Maintain Your Independence

When you can’t get around easily on your own, it’s hard to maintain independence. But a power scooter can change all that. Whether you use it to get to the grocery store or simply move from room to room, scooters allow you to do more on your own so you can stay more independent.

  2. Stay Active When Injured

Sometimes the worse thing about an injury isn’t the pain or hospital bills—it’s being stuck at home. But with a scooter you can get out and move around without straining your body nearly as much, allowing you to heal quickly.

  3. Shop Easier

Many people are able to walk around just fine without a scooter, but find waiting in long lines and/or carrying numerous bags to be difficult. If you’re in that situation, a power scooter will make shopping a lot easier and more fun.

  4. Avoid Falls

Falls pose serious health concerns to the elderly. What would hardly bother you when you were a kid can now cause bruises, broken bones and hospital stays. Power scooters allow you to get outside with fewer worries about falling.

  5. Power Scooters Can Go Up to 71.59 MPH…

…if you have the time to soup them up and don’t mind breaking a few laws. Yep, Colin Furze has the Guinness World Record for Fastest Mobility Scooter after he got his to go 71.59 miles an hour. But it did take him 3 months to get the scooter up to speed. Not recommended for the casual power scooter user.