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Quad Canes

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  1. Switch Sticks® Quad Sticks

    Switch Sticks® Quad Sticks



    • Height adjustments: 26"-37" in 1" increments
    • Quad-tipped base gives you more support than a standard cane
    • Ergonomic grip for less wrist strain and more comfort
    • Works in either hand for less chance of tripping
    • Weighs: 1.8 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 264 lbs.
  2. Drive Adjustable Small Base Quad Cane with Foam Grip

    Drive Adjustable Small Base Quad Cane with Foam Grip

    • Height adjustments: 30"-39"
    • 4-point base and offset handle for stability and comfort
    • Easy, tool-free height adjustment
    • Weighs: 2.4 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300
  3. HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane (Small)

    HealthSmart Sit-to-Stand Quad Cane (Small)

    • Height adjustments: 29”-38” in 1” increments
    • Black quad cane with dual handles to help you stand from a seated position
    • Quad-base design gives you more stability than standard canes
    • Soft foam handles for more comfort
    • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  4. Invacare Quad Cane

    Invacare Quad Cane

    • Can be rotated to fit both left and right handed users
    • Chrome plated steel base for added stability
    • Orthopedic handgrip for better fit and comfort
    • Height adjusts in 1" increments from 31-36"
    • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  5. European Designer Quad Cane

    European Designer Quad Cane

    • Designer quad cane from Nova Ortho-Med
    • Low center of gravity provides greater stability
    • Soft foam offset handle is comfortable and works with either left or right hand
    • Steel base, aluminum shaft
    • Weighs: 1.75 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 250
  6. Medline Bariatric Offset Quad Cane

    Medline Bariatric Offset Quad Cane

    • Height adjustments: 29"-38"
    • Double-plated base for strength
    • Offset handle
    • Weighs: 3.61 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 500 lb.

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Unlike regular canes, quad canes have 4 tips that create a square base that's more stable than a regular cane's single tip. In exchange for the added stability, quad canes tend to be slightly heavier than single tip canes, but the difference is usually only about a half pound.Read More

Many of the quad canes shown here on have a gel grip. Gel grips are much softer than traditional grips, and they reduce hand stress and fatigue. If you're going to be using your cane a lot while walking, you should highly consider purchasing a gel gripped quad cane, like this Drive cane, for the added comfort.

If you require a cane with a higher weight capacity, quad canes are also great because their weight capacity is greater than that of a single tipped cane. These bariatric quad canes are listed below and may be labeled as a heavy duty quad cane, such as this Invacare cane.

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