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About Just Walkers:

Whether you need long-term mobility help or just temporary movement assistance, JustWalkers features products to meet all your needs. Walkers range from simple, lightweight, standard models to heavy-duty, wheeled or knee walkers. Knee walkers are great for situations in which an ankle or foot problem prevents weight bearing and give the arms a break from using traditional crutches. Our wide selection of rolling walkers (rollators) includes those with three or four wheels, locking brakes and baskets. Many feature a flip-down seat for resting or for sitting while being transported.

Our lightweight transport wheelchairs are perfect for travel and for easily moving a loved one to and from the house. Affordable and comfortable, a transport wheelchair can be left in your car to use for regular outings or for times when the walk it too strenuous.

Canes and crutches come in a variety of styles; you can be rest assured you'll find one that's right for you and your needs. Single point canes offer stability, height adjustments and different styles of hand grips. Quad canes provide a sturdier base and are a good alternative if you anticipate long-term use.

Need to spruce up your existing walker or rollator? Check out our fun accessories and replacement parts.