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Petite Rollators

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  1. Mabis Ultra Lightweight Hemi Rollator

    Mabis Ultra Lightweight Hemi Rollator

    • Approximate user height: 5'4"-5'11"
    • Height adjustments: 32"-36"
    • Ideal for those with difficulty sitting or rising or shorter users
    • Large flip-up cushioned seat and curved backrest
    • Hand brakes for security and stability
    • Weighs: 15 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  2. Drive Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator, Petite

    Drive Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator, Petite



    • Approximate user height: 5'2" and below
    • Height adjustments: 28"-31"
    • Flexible, removable backrest for more comfort
    • Features front side removable pouch to carry your belongings
    • 10" front wheels easily traverses most obstacles both inside and out
    • One handed folding for better ease of use
    • Weighs: 17.5 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  3. Drive Junior Clever-Lite Walker

    Drive Junior Clever-Lite Walker



    • Approximate user height: 4'10"-5'-5"
    • Height adjustments: 29"-33.5"
    • Front wheels can be set to swivel or stay in fixed position
    • Special loop lock brake operates easily and ensures safety
    • Flip-up seat comes with built in carry handle and flexible backrest
    • Easily folds with dual lever side paddle releases
    • Weighs: 14 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  4. Invacare Junior Rollator

    Invacare Junior Rollator



    • Approximate user height: 4"11" - 5'7"
    • Height adjustments: 29"-34"
    • Easy to operate, ergonomic hand brakes
    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Removable, foam-padded, straight backrest
    • Weighs: 12 lbs.
    • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

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Petite walkers are designed for those who are smaller in stature. For people under 5’4”, these walkers have all the advantages of full-sized walkers with, at times, less than half the weight. They are built on a different scale, with the junior sizes meant for children or small adults, so the height adjustments are extremely important to consider when looking for a petite walker. As with most other types of walkers, it is also important to consider the walker handgrips, folding style, and wheels.Read More

Handgrips are an important consideration on any walker. Thin padding on walker handles can make it hard to hold, lift, and carry. Durable foam padding, comfortable grip molding, and good placement are highly desirable features of walker handgrips.

All of our petite walkers fold for easy transport and storage. The legs need to be released in order to fold, and the design of the release mechanism can be an important element to consider. A single release mechanism can be easier to trigger and release, but a dual release allows users with limited dexterity to keep their hands on the walker as they fold it.

Wheels add mobility to a walker, making it easy to move over uneven surfaces. While wheels under 5” are fine for indoors, those who want to take their walkers for a stroll in the garden will want larger wheels that can handle difficult surfaces more readily. Consider the area where you plan to use your petite walker to decide if you want a petite wheeled walker, a petite rollator, or a standard petite walker.

Carefully consider your needs and your planned use of the walker. There are any number of variables to consider, but whatever you need, you are sure to find a petite walker that is perfect for you.

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