Universal Walker Tray

  • Allows you to carry food and drinks easily
  • Made of easy-to-clean, durable plastic
  • Raised edges and 2 recessed cup holders prevent spills
  • Slides easily over walker handles
  • Size: 21"L x 16"W x 1" Thickness

The Universal Walker Tray fits snugly onto most standard walkers. It is easy to attach because it simply secures itself on the top handles without any need for adjustment. Constructed of durable plastic and including 2 molded cup holders, this tray is ideal for carrying food or beverages with you. Since this tray does not fold, it must be removed from the walker when not in use.

To fit this tray onto your walker, be sure your walker's handgrips will fit into the necessary cut-outs on the tray. The 2 cup holder cut-outs both have a 2 3/4" diameter, and are 8" apart from each other. Make sure your walker's handle grips are within 15 3/4" to 19 3/4" apart from each other to ensure this tray will be compatible with your walker.

How to Measure Your Walker: Measure the distance between the inside of your walker's handle grips. If this measurement is between 15 3/4" and 19 3/4" then this walker tray will work with your walker.

The holes where the walker's handgrips fit into the tray are 11.625" (front to back) x 1.875 in width (left to right). The distance between these holes is 15.75" - the middle, main portion of the tray. The distance from center to center of the handgrip holes is 18" to the center of each hole. The distance from the outermost part of the handgrip holes is 19.75".

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Overall Dimensions = 21" (length from left to right) x 16" Width (front to back) x 1" Thickness, Width Between Handgrip Holes = 15 3/4" Minimum and 19 3/4" Maximum

1 Year Limited Warranty

Manufacturer MabisDMI
Manufacturer Item Code 510-1083-0300
UPC Code 0-41298-10830-6

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Great Product

This is great. I now can walk more stable while carrying a plate or other things. I wish I had known about this when I first became disabled.

Don't Drop Plates

With this tray on my walker I am no longer dropping my food onto the floor when I try to carry the plate to the table or living room. Wish I had known about this years ago.

This tray did not fit on mom-in-law's walker. Now we have to

I got this product for my mom-in-law to use on her walker to make life a little easier for her.
She cannot use it because it does not fit level. Very disappointing.

Tippy, with very small cup-holders

Though the tray fits nominally over my mother's standard sized DMI walker, because the walker handles are rounded, as most walker handles are, the tray tips easily forward or backward. Also the "cup holders" could not hold any cups but a Demi-tases cup or a tiny juice glass, with a tapered bottom, as the holes are both very narrow, and rigid. I did fashion some stabilizers with clay, and will also jury-rig a more suitable cup-holder design with a Dremel tool, but it is too bad the tray isn't more functional out of the box. And why oh why must it come only in geriatric taupe, the color that screams "pitifully old and decrepit" wherever you see it? Is there a point in life you no longer deserve to have beautiful, functional furnishings? I appreciate that people design ADL's, but am baffled and dismayed by how ugly and dysfunctional many are.

I would definitely buy this tray again.

The tray I had was cracked and I was unable to find it in the store. I ordered this one on-line and it worked out perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.