Ultimate Wheelchair Accessory Kit

  • Ultimate Wheelchair Accessory Kit will make the perfect gift
  • Comes with a backpack, cup holder, & 1 pair of fleece armrests
  • Backpack has a large storage compartment to carry many items
  • Cup holder can flip-up to reduce overall width
  • Fleece armrests are more comfortable & have a large storage compartment sewn in

The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessory Kit includes all the accessories to make the perfect gift this holiday season: a backpack, cup holder, and a pair of fleece armrests for more comfort. The wheelchair back pack will easily attach to your wheelchair's handles via slip-on straps, and it features a large storage compartment that can be closed using a 8.5" Velcroed flap. The cup holder will fit most household cups/glasses, and features a flip-up feature to move it out of the way so as to not prevent you from moving through narrower doors/passageways. The Fleece Armrests will not only be more comfortable than your wheelchair's original armrests, but they also feature a large storage compartment to keep frequently used items close at hand.

Manufacturer Item Code 517-1072-0200, CH-1000, 517-1076-9911