Switch Sticks® Replacement Tip

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Red Orange
  • Rejuvenate your walking stick's safety and security with a new cane tip
  • Replace when the "S" symbol on the bottom of the tip disappears (roughly every 6 months)
  • Comes as a single tip
  • 6 different colors to choose from!
  • 6 month warranty

This is a replacement tip for your Switch Sticks Walking Sticks. These replacement ferrules will add more stability and security to your worn-down cane tip – making it as good as when you first started using your cane. Choose from 6 different colors – from black to turquoise. These cane tips should be replaced when the “S” symbol on the base is no longer visible, which is approximately every 6 months. These cane tips have a 6 month warranty.


6 month warranty

Manufacturer MabisDMI
Manufacturer Item Code 512-2000-0000, 512-2000-0001, 512-2000-0002, 512-2000-0003, 512-2000-0004, 512-2000-0005, 512-2000-0007, 512-2000-0009, 512-2000-0010, 512-2000-0012, 512-2000-0013, 512-2000-0014, 512-2000-0015
Size "N/A"
Canetip Diameter 5/8"