See 4 Safety Mobility Light

  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Attaches to any size walker, rollator, or cane tubing
  • Senses both low light level and motion
  • A true necessity for any walker, rollator, or cane user
  • Great for nighttime bathroom trips
  • No need to hassle with buttons or switches
  • A perfect gift for the practical person
  • Comes with one AAA

The compact, patented light provides automatic, hands-free illumination for users of walkers, canes and rollators. This light works through two sensors. First, it uses a motion sensor to determine if the walker is in use. After 30 seconds of not being moved, the light turns off. Second, the light uses a lighting sensor to determine if it is in a low level light environment. Only when it is in a low light environment and in use will the light illuminate.

This patented, hands-free, automatic illumination is the only personal visual aid that knows when to turn itself “on” and “off”. The See 4 Safety light is the only light that saves your batteries and time by automatically sensing when it should be on or off. There are no buttons or switches to hassle with, although there is an “off” switch in case the walker is in storage, like in an overhead compartment or a car trunk. When not being stored, leave your light in the “on” position and it will automatically detect whether or not it should be in use.

Manufacturer see4safety
Manufacturer Item Code PNC-00-100
UPC Code 8-59720-00200-5

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