Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches - Tall

  • For people 57" to 610"
  • Adjusts from 49" to 62" in height
  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • 2.5 lb per crutch!
  • Articulating crutch tips with spring assist
  • Folding Design
  • Red, Blue, or Gray
  • Sold as a pair

The unique design of the Millennial Crutch fuses ergonomics, spring assistance technology and convenience to deliver the most comfortable, innovative crutch available. with the patented In-Motion spring assisted tip and a unique folding design, the In-Motion pro offers the solution to years of painful crutch ambulation.

Weighing only 2.5 lb per crutch, these crutches have a 400 lb. weight capacity. A Crutch that works with you, not against you, with an ergonomically designed, comfortable crutch that helps the patient maintain proper posture, relieve damaging stress, and reduce the overall chance of injury. Features: Underarm Cradle, Ergonomic Grip at 12o angle, Folding Design, Extended Range, Shock Absorber/Power Assist.

The In-Motion Crutches have been designed from the ground up to address the problems associated with traditional crutch use. Working together as a functional unit, the features of the In-Motion Crutches provide for a comfortable experience while on crutches. The features include the large Underarm Cradle, an Ergonomic Grip, a very popular Folding Design and a Shock Absorbing/Power Assist Feature. The Extended Range of the Crutch also fits a larger range of heights than a traditional Crutch.

With a tips that last 35% longer than traditional tips and the strut made from aircraft grade aluminum that can support users up to 400lbs, these crutches are made to last. The Tall In-Motion Pro sizing is as follows – Floor to Underarm Cradle adjust from 50” to 62.5” with 13 different height positions. The Handles also adjust from 14” to 21” below the cradle with 5 different positions. SIZING - Standing upright with good posture, hands to the side, measure from the floor to the underarm. Using this measurement look at the range of cradle heights and be certain the measurement is within the range of this crutch.

Manufactured by Millennial


One Year Warranty

Weight Capacity 301-400 lbs
Weight Capacity Range 400 lbs
Item Weight 0-10 lbs
Size Tall
Product Weight 2 lb each

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