Mabis Crutch Accessory Kit, Closed Grips

  • Comfortable closed foam handgrip pads
  • Easily slips onto most crutches
  • Provides cushioning for increased comfort
  • Slip-resistant tips with metal inserts
  • Suitable for aluminum and wood crutches
  • Contains one pair of hand grips, underarm pads, and tips per kit

Mabis Crutch Accessory Kits are perfect for short-term crutch users experiencing trouble with their crutches. They include comfortable foam pads for crutch underarms and handgrips as well as reinforced non-skid rubber tips. The handgrip pads are closed, easy to slip over removable grips. All accessories easily slip onto most crutches and provide cushioning for increased comfort. The extra padding can protect users against soreness, rashes, and blisters. This long lasting kit works for both aluminum and wood crutches.

Manufacturer MabisDMI
Manufacturer Item Code 512-1430-0000
HCPC Code 4.13E+10
UPC Code 0-41298-13401-7
Return Restocking Fee 0.25
Return Restocking Fee 0.25

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