HealthSmart® Expandable Door Hinge

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  • Adds 2" to most doorway openings
  • Provides barrier free access for most wheelchairs
  • Can be easily installed using existing screws and holes
  • Ideal for narrow bathroom doors
  • 3-hole side measures 2" X 3-1/2"

Get more out of your doorways with great looking and long lasting Expandable Wheelchair Offset Door Hinges that allow your door to open completely flush with the wall, or allow you to open a door so it’s completely flat and tucked away; up to a 180 degree swing. By applying HealthSmart Expandable Wheelchair Offset Door Hinges to your doorway, you can remove that portion of the door that often gets in the way of the passageway.

The HealthSmart Expandable Offset Door Hinges add 2” to any doorway opening to allow barrier free access for most wheelchairs or walkers. They are perfect for just about any bathroom door and are installed with ease using the same screws and holes as the existing hinge. 3 holes, 2" x 3-1/2". Available in Black or Brass finish.

Manufacturer MabisDMI
Manufacturer Item Code 640-2006-0000, 640-2006-1000, 640-2006-2000
Size "N/A"