FDI ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutches (Each)

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  • World's lightest crutch with integrated shock absorber (1.32 lbs each)
  • Durable, epoxy coated aluminum legs adjusts 28.4-39"
  • Ultra-soft replaceable grips with easy push button release
  • Replaceable, anti-slip crutch tips ensure stability

Introducing the new ErgoDynamic Forearm Crutch from the FDI forearm crutches line! The ErgoDynamic crutch is the lightest crutch in the world with an integrated shock absorber. The ErgoDynamic's shock absorber system limits the shock travel to just 1.6 inches, thus putting less strain to the hands, wrists, and shoulders. This forearm crutch is available in 3 shock absorber weight range options:

  • Small - up to 154 lbs
  • Medium - 132-198 lbs
  • Large - over 176 lbs

The ErgoDynamic forearm crutch is height adjustable to fit users who are 4'7" to 6'8". The soft forearm pad can easily be replaced with a push release button, and the flexible crutch tips have a special tread design to prevent slipping. The ErgoDynamic crutch weighs just 1.32 lbs and has a maximum weight capacity of 286 lbs (as a pair).

Manufacturer FDI
Weight Capacity 286 lbs
Product Weight 1.32 lbs (each)

Customer Reviews

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Very Well Ergonomically Design

The biggest advantage of these crutches over others is the hand grips. Other crutches claim to be ergonomically comfortable, but nothing like these. They distribute the load on your hands extremely well. These crutches are very well made, high quality. The only reason I gave them a four, is that they do not have a shock absorbing capability and I've had that in other crutches and I miss that a lot. Otherwise, really good quality for the money.

Overall I give it a good rating

The crutch is very lightweight as advertised and that is a real plus. I find the padding on the handle to be not as ergonomically friendly as advertised, it has a high point at the back that tends to hurt my hand after a half hour or so of use. Also, the crutch does not come with any kind of a strap to put around your forearm, so you are not able to let go of the crutch to grab something or to say, take a picture with your phone. Furthermore, the absence of a strap for the forearm makes the crutch feel like it is not at all secure, you're constantly worried about keeping the pressure on the back of the crutch so you can use it properly. Not a bad product, but honestly it makes me want to keep looking for something better, more secure and less painful on the hand after a lot of use.

I am still learning how to use it

Wish there was instructions or suggestions on how to manipulate them
3 stars today because they are new. The arms seem really big and too roomy for my smaller arms

Yes I would purchase this product again.

Very ergonomic.

Uneven alignment

After spending 3 months on crutches for a previous hip reconstruction surgery with regular crutches, I opted to spend the money on something that was more comfortable and more ergonomic for my next surgery.
Overall, I would recommend these crutches.
I have had no blisters associated with these crutches compared to my original pair of regular crutches.
The shock system has helped tremendously with the jarring to my upper extremities.

Now unfortunately with my crutches the level system was not aligned , meaning that if you went three notches up from the bottom on the left crutch, it was not three notches up on the right. Nothing major, but seeing that your spending $100+ on a pair of crutches you would expect proper alignment. Even then when I did get them fairly close, they are still about .25 inches off. (and to possibly eliminate any questions, I do not suffer from any type of length discrepancy).
Good product , company just needs to QA them a bit more thoroughly.