E-Z Carrier Electric Wheelchair and Scooter lift

  • Weight capacity 400 lbs
  • Powder coated for a lasting finish (baked on paint) black in color
  • Fold up when not in use
  • Requires a class III 2'' receiver hitch or stronger
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • All-steel platform
  • Simple installation instructions
  • Swing away (L-shape portion in photo) is not included

It offers 18 inches of lift, with 9 inches of manual adjustment to ensure proper height of lift on your vehicle. Platform dimensions are 27.5” x 50” with a 3 inch side rail. You can load your power chair from either side of vehicle. The maximum weight capacity of the lift is determined by your hitch size. A lift in a Class 3 hitch will hold a power chair of approximately 300 lbs. A lift in a class 2 will hold a power chair of approximately 240 lbs. The lift has a light for night time loading. The lift includes a manual hand crank in case of battery failure.

  • Platform 28 X 50
  • Class III hitch required
  • Platform size 28'' X 50''
  • 3'' security rail
  • 1 year limited factory warranty
  • 18 inches of Vertical lift

This product is warranted to be free from any defect in materials used in the manufacture, and/or workmanship at the time of its manufacture. The manufacture's warranty period is one (1) year unless otherwise specified at time of sale. Any part found to be defective during this period will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of EZ Carrier, LLC. Any part replaced under the warranty will be covered for the remaining period of the warranty. Any parts replaced under the warranty must be returned to EZ Carrier, LLC and will become the property of EZ Carrier, LLC. EZ Carrier, LLC may, at its discretion make any repairs or replacement of defective parts but such work shall not be deemed to be any admission of liability. EZ Carrier will bear labor charges for work carried out under the warranty. The warranty may not be transferred to subsequent owners for the balance of the remaining warranty period.

Conditions and Exclusions:

1. The product must not have been used for competition, misused, inadequately maintained, or incorrectly serviced or maintained.

2. The product must not have been subject to any modification, repair, or replacement other than as authorized by EZ Carrier, LLC.

3. Defects caused by faulty adjustment, neglect, or repairs and alterations performed by anyone other than EZ Carrier, LLC are not covered by this warranty.

4. Defects caused by the use of parts and accessories not authorized by EZ Carrier, LLC are not covered by this warranty.

5. The warranty does not cover the cost of transportation of the product to or from EZ Carrier, LLC, or expenses incurred while the product is out of use and under warranty repairs. 6) The warranty does not cover product used on a commercial basis.

6. The warranty does not cover defects, which have not been reported to EZ Carrier, LLC within the immediate discovery of the defect.

7. Should a warranty claim become necessary, EZ Carrier, LLC shall not be liable for loss of use, inconvenience, lost time, commercial losses or other incidental or consequential damages.

8. If for any reason, the carrier does not appear to be in good and sound condition, it must not be used. Any loss as a direct or indirect result of the use of the carrier in a compromised condition is the sole liability of the user.

9. Paint finish will diminish, scratch, and chip over a period of time due to normal use and therefore paint is not covered under warranty, nor is rust that has resulted from exposed surfaces.

10. Actuator and motor on the lifts carry no warranty other than that of the manufacturer of them; actuators, 90 days; motors, one year (EZ Carrier LLC does not make these specific parts).

11. Must present copy of this paper work along with copy of proof of purchase as in copy of credit card statement or such. At time of warranty work.

Any statement, condition, representation, description or warranty otherwise contained in any other publication or advertisement shall not be construed as enlarging, varying or overriding anything contained herein.

EZ Carrier, LLC reserves the right to make alterations or improvements without notification to any model without obligation to do so to products already sold.

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