• This show-stopping crutch collapses down to a fraction of its original size, making it easy to transport and store!
  • The easy to sanitize crutch pad is over 1 inch thick, making it easy and comfortable to use
  • When collapsed the short/medium measures 27" and tall measures 30"
  • Made in the USA of 100% recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly materials
  • Sure Step articulating tip maximizes the contact with the ground

The e-Crutch is an great, economical choice for a high performance crutch without the high performance price. The state of the art design features color coded sizes (green-short, red-medium, and blue-tall) and removable, sanitize pads. The crutches collapse to about half their size, making them perfect for travel and storage. Large push buttons make adjustments easy! The Sure Step Stopper foot makes pivoting easy and allows the bottom of the crutch to remain firmly on the ground through the movement.

They are made and manufactured in the USA of 100% recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly materials. These crutches are ideal for short and long term use.

Sizing is as follows:

  • Short - fits users 4' to 5' tall
  • Medium - fits users 5'1" to 6' tall
  • Tall - fits users 6'1" to 6'8" tall

Weight Capacity 350 lbs

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