Drive Universal Cup Holder

  • New clamp design allows cup holder to swivel, keeping contents level
  • Easily attaches to wheelchairs, rollators, or walkers
  • Special clamp insert can be added or removed as necessary to fit different size tubing
  • Made with durable, lightweight plastic
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3"

This cup holder is ideal for use on wheelchairs, rollators, or walkers. The new clamp design allows the cup to swivel in order to keep the contents level and avoid spills while moving. The Universal Cup Holder is made of lightweight, durable plastic, and comes with a special clamp insert which allows it to adjust to fit tubing diameter from 5/8" to 1".

**Please note, this Drive cup holder does not work with the Drive Nitro 4 Wheel Rollator.**

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 3" (diameter) x 3" (height)

Limited One Year Warranty

Manufacturer Drive Medical
Manufacturer Item Code RTLSTDS1040S
UPC Code 8-22383-22195-3

Customer Reviews

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Would not buy it again


It could use a redesign

While I use this cup holder, I'm continually having to tighten it. I had to add a whole bunch of washers to get it to fit the handle area. It is made for a larger cup (I use a fairly slender thermos) so I have to hold the thermos over rough terrain. It's helpful to have it but it would help if you would redesign it to fit better. 1. Make it easier to put on the handle to begin with, it took a lot of strength to get it on the handle. 2. Make the clamps more adjustable. Perhaps you could make the mounting piece in 2 parts, that might help. 3. It keeps coming loose and tipping over.

Not The Best

I put this onto my walker to help carry drinks. I'm find that the holder is too loose for most of my glasses, soda cans and bottles, and cups you get at fast food places. Many times when going over a rough place the drink bounces out of the holder. One thing that it is good at is being a place to hang my back pack when I'm sitting at the doctor's office.

Great accessory with many uses

More than just a cup holder, my mom can put the telephone in it when moving around the house and wrap her oxygen tubing around it to keep from running over it. Easily attaches and can be maneuvered to whatever height and location desired.

good product

helps to have a place to put cups instead of in your lap