Drive DV8 Steerable Knee Walker

  • Height adjustments: Legpad: 18.5"-21.5", Handle: 33.07"- 37.79"
  • Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability
  • Tool free seat and handle height adjustment
  • 8" casters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tiller can be easily folded for storage and transportation
  • Weighs: 22.7 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

The Drive DV8 Knee Walker is an ideal alternative to crutches for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations, and ulcers of the foot. The thick, comfortable leg pad has a channel to provide stability and security. This knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and both the platform height and the handle height can be adjusted to comfortably fit the user. It has dual deluxe lever brakes that ensure safety. The Drive DV8 Steerable Knee Walker makes getting around easy!
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty
Manufacturer Drive Medical
Manufacturer Item Code 790
Weight Capacity 201-300 lbs
Weight Capacity Range 300 lbs
Item Weight 21-30 lbs
Overall Width 16.9"
Width Between Arms/Handles 8-22383-18358-9
Style pr-icons
Wheel Size 8"
Product Weight 22.70 lbs
Seat Height 18.81"" - 21.81"
Seat Dimensions 7" - 14"
Braking Style Bicycle
Wheels Four
UPC Code 8-22383-18358-9
Foldable 252
Walker Color Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
works better by far than crutches.

easy to get around house and work.

when you need this knee walker it is easy to get around on

easy to manuever


Fast service. Excellent knee walker.

Just be careful with it!

Please practice on this before surgery if you can. It is hard to get the hang of it. At first it is very helpful to have assistance. I took mine to a bicycle shop - great thing to do. They adjusted the height to help with my shoulders and hips. They adjusted the brakes and the entire unit. Be sure to check the brakes - be VERY careful in the rain. Be EXTREMELY careful going DOWN a wheelchair ramp. This thing can pick up speed fast. Take small steps with your good foot and bring the bad side to you while holding on to the brakes! HORRIBLE turning radius. Hard to manuever on plush carpeting. Use a small fanny pack or messenger bag to hang off the brake handles to carry anything. It needs a basket or cup holder. It NEEDS a parking brake. If you let go it will roll away from you. BUT, it beats the heck out of crutches

Tips easily

with a walker I needed to hop to get around, not with this knee walker, it's a lot smoother getting from one place to another. Must be careful to approach cracks in sidewalks etc evenly with both front wheels or it tips over. Also, be careful of stones and debris in the roads/sidewalks. Works best indoors on carpet and even floors.