Adjustable Combo Cell Phone and Drink Holder (Left) - Replaced

  • Combination cell phone/drink holder made to fit wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, crutches, and powered chairs
  • Cup holder has an inner ring that flips up or down to hold smaller and larger beverage containers respectively
  • This product is meant to be mounted on the left hand side of your mobility device
  • Cup holder is made of high density polyethylene, a very durable material that will last!

Meant to conveniently hold both your cell phone and drink holder, this product from SnapIt! can be attached to your wheelchair, walker, rollator, crutches, or electric scooter. This product holds most flip and smart phones, and also has an inner ring that flips up or down to hold either small or large drinks respectively. Smaller drinks include beverages like 12 ounce cans or 20 ounce plastic bottles, while larger drinks refers to containers like mugs, 12 ounce cans with an insulated sleeve, or larger bottles.

This product is for left hand applications, meaning it should be mounted on the left side of your wheelchair, walker, rollator, or electric scooterclick here for right hand application of the same product. This combination cup/cell phone holder is made of polyethylene, a highly durable material that will last!


If a SnapIt!™ product fails under the normal use for which it is designed, return it to SnapIt!™ for repair or replacement at no charge. Shipping not included.

Manufacturer Item Code W0015L
Walker Color Black